Gender Studies in MINT


Anelis Kaiser: Sex/Gender in Computational Neuroscience.
(Cooperation Partners: Prof. Dr. Evelyn Ferstl, Department of Cogntive Science and Gender; Prof. Dr. Michael Tangermann, Brain State Decoding Lab; Prof. Dr. Ju╠łrgen Hennig, Medical Physics, all: University of Freiburg. Funder: Innovationsfonds, University of Freiburg)

Anelis Kaiser: Cooperation partner and interdisciplinary advisory board member at the project Human Diversity in the New Life Sciences: Social and Scientific Effects of Biological Differentiations
(conducted by Dr. Andrea zur Nieden, Dr. Tino Pl├╝mecke, and Nils Ellebrecht).

Anelis Kaiser: Cooperation partner at the project Gendering MINT digital - Open-Science aktiv gestalten
(Lead: Dr. Marion Mangelsdorf, University of Freiburg, and Prof. Dr. Sigrid Schmitz, Humboldt University Berlin. Funder: Bundesministerium f├╝r Bildung und Forschung). Further Information in German can be found here: Neurobiologisches Korrelat and partizipative Mediografien.

Mercedes K├╝ffner: Participation in 1st Coaching-Programm CORA August 2017 - August 2018 Coaching Women for Research and Academia. Project coordination: Mariana Vargas-Ustares.
The CORA Coaching-Program offers a mix of individual coachings and group coachings adapted to further develop and perform individual needs within your research, academic career and professional concerns.

For further information go to CORA Coaching Women for Research and Academia

Valerie Ambrosi: PhD project Neurofeedback-Mediated Modulation of Neural Correlates of Gender Stereotype Threat.
(Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Anelis Kaiser, Gender Studies in MINT, University of Freiburg; and Prof. Dr. Evelyn Ferstl, Center for Cognitive Science, University of Freiburg. Funder: Doctoral fellowship funded through the Landesgraduiertenf├Ârderung (LGF) of the University of Freiburg)