Gender Studies in MINT

Giulia Maria Zoratti

Giulia Maria Zoratti Gender Studies in MINT
University of Freiburg
Department of Computer Science
Georges-Köhler-Allee 079
D- 79110 Freiburg

+49 761 - 203 54163

Email: Giulia.Zoratti[at]tf.uni-freiburg.de
Curriculum Vitae

  • Research thesis (September 2019–today)
    A neurofeminist apporach to a fMRI verbal analogy task. Followed by Anelis Kaiser. Supervised by Roberto Cubelli.
  • Internship (December 2018– March 2019)
    Analyzing the narrative speech in patients with brain tumors, in order to evidence differences before and after surgeries. Followed by professor Franco Fabbro.
  • Master in Psycholgy (2017–today)
    Neuroscience curriculum, UniversitĂ  degli studi di Trento
  • Research thesis (2017)
    Statistical survey: “The protective effect of yoga regarding self-objectification of woman”. Followed by professor Anne Maass.
  • Bachelor Degree (2014 – July 4th 2017)
    Psychology of Personality and Interpersonal Relationships, UniversitĂ  degli studi di Padova