Gender Studies in MINT

Members of working group

Phone/Fax number prefix: +49 761 203 - ...


Anelis Kaiser Trujillo

Kaiser Trujillo, Prof. Dr. Anelis

Phone number: 54080
Office: 079-U-1010


Marlis Jost

Jost, Marlis

Phone number: 8240
Office: 052-00-023

Scientific staff

Valerie Ambrosi

Ambrosi, Valerie

Phone number: 54163
Office: 079-U-1012

Elena Ábalos

Ábalos, Elena

Phone number: 54163
Office: 079-U-1012

Affiliated researchers

Emily Ngubia Kessé

Kessé, Dr. Emily Ngubia

Phone number: na
Office: na


Axel Lehmann

Lehmann, Axel

Phone number: n/a
Office: 106-00-006

Student assistants

Ana Wirth

Wirth, Ana Paula

Phone number: 54163
Office: 079-UG-1012

Former Members

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